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How to start and run a cloud kitchen in India using IVEPOS

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Intuition’s IVEPOS is now serving India’s fast growing cloud kitchen segment. Cloud Kitchen is currently the new fast-growing segment in India. Cloud kitchen is primarily a restaurant kitchen that accept incoming orders only through online ordering system and offers limited (or) no dine-in facility. Enterprise cloud kitchen can have a central kitchen and many satellite kitchens all through the city. Currently, there are not many android POS providers that can help manage this complexity. Intuition’s android based IVEPOS that serves the niche restaurant industry, with its new online food delivery integration like swiggy, zomato, food panda, uber eats & etc., and stock transfer features will fill-in this need to serve this new fast-growing niche segment.

Although it has now become a fast growing segment, it is a cut throat business with no room for any margin of errors requiring a lot of precision and efficiency. To manage it efficiently, a precise POS and management device with the right features is a must-need. The cloud kitchen has to buy a POS hardware, payment device and a POS software. A good POS software is the brains behind the POS hardware and the payment and business management set-up. If the software is not intelligent, it will be difficult to successfully manage a complex cloud kitchen operations. The process flow of cloud kitchen has 4 important steps that need to be efficiently managed: 1. Integration of Online Orders. 2. KDS/KOT & Billing. 3. Central Inventory transfer and Integration Management. 4. Analytics, Loyalty & CRM.

1.Integration of Online Orders:

A customer placing order through food apps Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda, Uber eats and cloud kitchen website & app. Our IVEPOS has this online food ordering fully integrated with our IVEPOS giving seamless flow of customer orders to the cloud kitchen.

2.KDS/KOT & Billing:

Once the order reaches the restaurant a bill has to be printed. For big kitchens serving multiple brands, a kitchen order ticket (KOT) or Kitchen Display System (KDS) will be used to send the order to the kitchen. For small kitchens, a bill print out is enough to process the order.

3.Central Inventory Transfer and Ingredients management:

This is the most critical feature, a cloud kitchen enterprise with multiple satellite kitchens will require. Central kitchen will prepare the food and will be delivered to the satellite kitchens in the city. Monitoring stock transfer is very important otherwise it will be a nightmare to manage the orders from different locations. Most cloud kitchen buy an expensive stock or warehouse transfer application in addition to buying the POS. But IVEPOS comes with an integrated stock transfer app from central kitchen to satellite kitchen, this can precisely manage the stock transfer everyday. If stock transfer is wrongly managed, this will make running a restaurant very expensive, and will be a huge problem when orders are placed from multiple locations resulting in a complete paralysis of the restaurant OPS.

4.Analytics, Loyalty & CRM

Access to real-time data anytime, anywhere through IVEPOS advanced off-line data capture and cloud capabilities. Monitor multiple locations from a centralized IVEPOS dashboard app. Access data for products, inventory, micro-inventory, customer, vendor and reports for every satellite establishment with one dashboard app. Make changes by single or multiple locations from one singular platform. Using detailed AI enabled reports that include sales volume, top items, customers, product and shopping history, cloud kitchen can manage the needs and effectively operate a single store or the cloud kitchen enterprise regardless of the number of locations. A sophisticated CRM to reach out to new and old online customers by sending SMS, promotions, discounts, rewards and loyalty programs

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