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IVEPOS new update is on live NOW! Perfect for restaurant and retail business!

Updated: Sep 28

Intuition Systems, one of the best in the Point of Sale software industry, has launched the new update of IVEPOS with the intention of increasing revenues of restaurant and retail stores. The astonishingly low-priced IVEPOS software offers AI-powered & Cloud-enabled POS and efficiently serves the purpose, while making the dreams of many business people come true. A business with a lower income can now afford a prestigious POS software without burdening their wallet. The idea was running over the minds of people in the industry for quite a while now, but Intuition Systems have made it a reality. This innovation has brought in a revolution in the Point of Sale software industry, and people are already coming forward in huge numbers to make their booking or a demo.

Intuition Systems latest version of IVEPOS comes with incredible features and amazing UI experiences. In this new update, IVEPOS app combined all the three previous apps together for a better user experience and service. Also, its corrected printer alignment and fixed all other minor bugs that was existed in earlier versions.

IVEPOS App Download

IVEPOS Point of Sale

IVEPOS is a POS (point-of-sale) software crafted for your restaurant, retail stores, cafe, bar, bakery, coffee shop, grocery, salon and spa, car wash, food truck and pizzeria. Use the IVEPOS point of sale system instead of a cash register, and track sales and inventory in real-time, manage employees and stores, engage with customers and increase your revenue.

Main features of IVEPOS

IVEPOS App features

The marketing policies of Intuition Systems are getting aggressive by the day. We are currently running an app launching promotion for our loyal customers! The free one-week trials/demo is offered into every customer before buying our software! This is a limited time promotion only. The sales professionals in Intuition Systems are making all efforts possible to make sure the customers get their queries resolved before making a final decision.

Intuition Systems has gained an edge with the launch of IVEPOS, the success has surprised many in the industry. The company has earned thousands of customers now and expect more numbers will turn up by this year-end.

You can now download IVEPOS from google play store directly, or you can click the below link to download our app from Google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.intuition.ivepos

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