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How Artificial Intelligence and Cloud-based Fully-integrated POS can make a difference?

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Earlier AI was merely an expert phenomenon. With the deep research and advancement of technology, it has reached a large audience almost significant to all industries. The same story is being repeated with the cloud. Products are rolling out at a faster pace with robust infrastructure and utmost security in the first place. So it is not too early to say that POS (point of sale) software equipped with AI and cloud technology would be the new tool to bring massive change across industries.

Artificial Intelligence

Talking about POS, it is essential to mention the big name in the industry i.e. IVEPOS point of sale software - all in one software to track payment, manage employees and engage customers.

So, let’s have a look at how AI and cloud technology altogether makes a difference:

Automate Billing:

AI-enabled technology automatically captures the customer data while cloud protection offers the end to end encryption to the customer’s sensitive data. Now reduce the bill handling through cash/check up to 95 percent with precise accuracy. AI and cloud-based infrastructure allow collecting payments from different sources/formats, payment linking, invoice matching, deduction coding, and posting it to all major ERP software through IVEPOS point of sale software. This can significantly reduce- (a). Reduction in human resources for handling it, (b). Reduce cost by eliminating any mediatory, seamlessly integrating with ERP to offer an agnostic solution.

Powerful Inventory Management:

Managing a growing business at a large scale is a daunting task. Understanding the demand and supply chain production is only possible with advanced technology like AI and the cloud. So how IVEPOS point of sale software make it easy to inventory management with a maximized performance? Let’s understand. AI-based analytics share a detailed insight about the inbound flow of material and products while managing the outbound shipment to the distributors and retailers. Cloud plays a significant role in the overall supply chain including product development to delivery at scale with speed.

Employee Management:

Employees are an asset. A satisfied employee simply means resourceful capital to the company. So how AI & cloud-based IVEPOS point of sale software are driving the change through the shared joy of togetherness smoothly. It enables multi-access login with the power to share different roles like admin, manager, staff to the employee. One can always raise a ticket for an issue and check the status in their profile. AI has made it easy for managers to understand the employee and their skillset to enhance productivity.

Customer engagement:

Customer is the king. Have you ever thought about what makes a business sustainable, obviously satisfied customers, and how we can make a customer satisfied? The answer is to offer a good user experience and resolve their query at the earliest. It was never possible before the introduction of AI-based point of sale software. Now the data-led AI has the power to understand and engage your customer. Be it customer’s birthday, query, comment, issue, payment, or discount; AI-based chatbot automatically answer the query of customers and make them happy with the proper resolution

So, get an extra hand that helps you and bring a mind that thinks of your business. Automate, innovate, create and build the possibility of exponential growth history together with the employee, customer and vendor. Book a demo for IVEPOS point of sale software now for a seamless experience.

***Some features available only on IVEPOS custom projects.

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