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Advantages of Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) System

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In this modern digital age, we can see so many changes in every industry, especially in the restaurant business. With the help of these changes restaurant industry makes its operations very simple and easy. Now we can discuss about automated Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT), one of the most useful technology changes in the restaurant industry.

Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) System

What is Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT)?

In simple words, a kitchen order ticket is an order placed by the customer.

In the traditional system, it was a long process; waiters took an order and one copy was forwarded to the kitchen and the second copy forwarded to the billing section. A third copy remains with the waiter for reference. Because of this, the paper KOT process has so many limitations. The main issues are this is fully a manual process and much possibility of occurring errors. Also, daily auditing was a very difficult process in this traditional system.

Instead of this traditional system, nowadays most of the restaurants have moved to using the latest technologies and they are using automated KOT. For that, they are installing POS systems in the foodservice desk and KOT printers installed in the kitchen. Whenever an order is placed on the POS, it generates notes to the kitchen, billing, etc. These notes include table number, items ordered, and its quantity.

Advantages of Kitchen Order Ticketing

1) Save time: As we know, KOT application saves us a lot of time. Once the order is taken, then that order details are printed or displayed in the kitchen immediately. Also, staff can place orders from anywhere in the restaurant and these orders display immediately in the kitchen. So, the chef can prepare the items quickly based on priority. Once the items are prepared in the kitchen, the waiters are notified and it is served to the customer very fast. So that customers also get faster services.

2) Easy to use: Order taking with the help of POS is very easy because most of the POS systems are touch screen. Also, once an order is placed then KOT is automatically generated. So, staff can easily use this feature without a long-time training.

3) Real-time report: With the help of a cloud-based restaurant system, restaurant owners can track the real time reports related to KOT from anywhere, and based on that, they can make the decisions easily, even if they have outlets at multiple locations also.

4) Reduce errors: In traditional systems, generally, orders are forwarded to the kitchen verbally or through handwritten copies. This may create issues because of poor communication, or bad handwriting, etc. With the help KOT system, we can avoid these issues.

5) Reduce labor cost: If you are using a traditional system, waiter/staff need to check again and again the KOT. Through automated system, it reduces manual tasks, and errors, so we can reduce labor costs.

6) Reduce the wastage: By using an automated KOT application, every order can be displayed through KDS in the kitchen, so this will help chefs to avoid extra food preparations and food wastage.

7) Streamlines the order process: While peak hours and weekends, restaurants need to handle many orders without missing anything. With the help of a KOT application, you can display new orders or add them to the queue. So, waiters or kitchen staff can continuously work without missing any orders. If the POS system is integrated with online orders from different online platforms, then with the help of automated KOT application KOT is immediately generated. So, restaurants can provide fast service without missing any orders.


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