IVEPOS Enterprise

For restaurant and retail chains.

Common features

1-click billing

Easy and fast billing, apply discounts, refund bills and many more.

Menu/product management

Manage items, category, variants, modifiers, taxes and discounts.

Sunmi POS billing system

Kot management

Manage your orders from table effectively without confusion.

Sunmi POS billing system

Integrated payments

Accept all cards, never miss out a sale and guaranteed low processing charges.

Sunmi POS billing system

Multi user login

Up to 8 users can use one terminal securely.

Cloud enabled POS billing system

Admin privileges

Restrict your employees on what features they can use or not use.

Digital payments enabled POS billing system

Secured data and backup

256bit encryption protects your data and never lose your data using backup.

All in one POS billing system

Works offline and online

Seamlessly works offline and restores backup when goes online.

Features of POS billing system

Customizable features

Fine tune preferences and billing with built in tools.

Cloud based real-time analytics and reports

Access sales, analytics and inventory anytime from one dashboard portal.

Menu bulk management 

Add or edit your items in bulk using CSV template.


Manage your finances right down to your sales, taxes and much more.

Real-time Analytics and reports

Real time sales reports , Accounting, Billing reports, Tax reports

Product reports, Inventory reports, Vendor reports , Ingredients reports

Payment reports, Discount reports, User reports, Refunds reports

Customer accounts, Credit management reports

Multi store support

Manage all your outlets seamlessly from one dashboard app.

Multi device support

Manage multiple terminals in the same store from a centralized dashboard.

Return and refunds

Accept return from customers.

Tax management

Manage your taxes and analyse reports.

Send bill as sms or email

Impress your customers by sending bills as sms or email.


Add variants to an item.

Customer management

Capture customer information from your POS and connect regularly.

Stock transfer

Transfer stock across yourstores or warehouse.


Send promotions to customers.

Customer credit management

Manage customer credits without any separate software. 

Inventory management

Manage stock.

Vendor management

Manage vendors, bills and schedule pending bills.

Manager console management

Store managers can manage their stores with a dashboard app.

Super admin console management

Management can control all the stores with a dashboard app.

Cds app

Display products, order and payment info to the customer.

Customer feedback app

Capture feedback from the customer.

For quick serve

Ingredients management

Manage ingredients and reduce food waste.

kds app

Send order tickets to kitchen display.

Counter Wise kot

Send kot to different food counters.


For full service restaurants

Table management

Manage tables seamlessly.

Split bills

Split bills according to customer preference.

Merge tables

Merge tables and make it as one bill.

Ingredients management

Manage ingredients and reduce food waste.

Order taking app

Multiple waiters can take orders from table.

Kds app

Send order tickets to kitchen display.

Counter Wise kot

Send kot to different food counters.


For retail

Barcode management

Generate and print barcodes.

Weighing scale compatibility

Supports weighing scale along with printer and scanner.


Works with mobile, tablet and pos devices

POS billing system

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