Suitable  for  restaurant  &  bars


1)7" or 8"  tablet with software.

2)3"Bluetooth desktop printer.

3)Display stand.

4)Cash drawer.


1)Restaurants & Cafe.


3)Bars & Pubs.

4)Salon & Spa.

5)Grocery store.

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All-in-one system

IVEPOS is an intelligent pos system integrating both hardware and software as one complete system for your business.

Cost effective

IVEPOS is a smart pos system with simple and effective tools that a conventional billing machine can't provide at an affordable price.

Intuitive interface

It requires minimal learning curve. In fact, we spent a lot of time in design to tailor-made the user experience and functionality.

Stable software

IVEPOS is tested thoroughly to eliminate any bugs that may hinder the performance of the system during operation. 

Sales insight

 IVEPOS reports and send detailed sales analysis of your business to manage your inventory, employees and customers.

Powerful hardware

IVEPOS hardware is carefully optimized and tested to provide great experience for the user delivering high performance.

Effective tools

Remote order displays, printers, smart inventory, backup, refunds, email bill and etc., provide the right tools for your business.

Wireless connectivity

It can connect to peripherals like bluetooth, usb and network printers, remote and server displays wirelessly through wifi & bluetooth.

Minimal learning curve

Learning and mastering the system is very easy so even a normal person can learn and operate in few minutes without difficulty.


- Monitor your sales and stores from anywhere.

- Edit and modify your items remotely.

-Analyse your sales and improve it.

Accept card*

- Never miss a sale from your customer again.

- Accept card and monitor your sales seamlessly.

-Accept both magnetic strip and chip cards.

POS Comparison

Fine  dine  restaurants


IVEPOS Station  7

- 7" Tablet with Stand

- Single IVEPOS license

- 3" Bt. Desktop printer

Cash drawer

IVEPOS Station  8

- 8" Tablet with Stand

- Single IVEPOS license

- 3" Bt. Desktop printer

- Cash drawer

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Suitable  for  fast  food  &  retail


Suitable  for  restaurant  &  bars



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